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 This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Holly Renae Proffitt, who was born in Johnson City, Tennessee, on October 03, 1979. We will remember and love her forever. Holly thoroughly enjoyed life and being with family and friends. She loved playing basketball and had just completed her junior year of varsity basketball at Daniel Boone High School when she had an automobile accident on March 11, 1996, at the age of 16. Holly suffered severe head trauma, and was hospitalized for nine months. She underwent many surgeries, over six years of rehab, therapies, and continued rehabilitation at Crumley House Head Injury Rehab. On October 12, 2002 she had very severe seizures, which led to her death on October 21, 2002 at the age of 23. She left behind family and friends that love her and miss her so much. She is a true inspiration of courage, strength, and determination.  WE LOVE YOU HOLLY!!!!!!!!!!!





































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Every tear is a prism through which I see, A rainbow of emotions & memories, Though fate has led you to another place,  True moments hold meaning time can never erase.    
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Her legacy
The Day Our Lives Changed Forever  

March 11, 1996 started off as any normal school day. Holly
told the family and her puppy goodbye and left for school.
She had completed drivers education at school and had been driving for about 4 months, and was a good driver, just an inexperienced one. That was the last time any of us would see her as we had grown to know her. I received a phone call at work informing me of Holly's accident, and was told it was very serious and that she was being air lifted to the hospital. I raced to the emergency room while my fellow workers called other family members , and was met at the emergency room door by the hospital Chaplain. I will never forget the feeling I had when I saw him as I immediately assumed Holly had already died. I was later told that she was still alive, but not expected to live through the night. I was allowed, along with my Mother, to stay in the PICU with her overnight since the situation was so grave. Except for the trauma to her head, the only outward indication she had been in an accident were a few scratches on her left hand.
I later learned from the officer who worked the accident that she was traveling approximately 35-40 mph and had dropped her right wheels off the side of the road. She then over-corrected, and ran the car off the left side of the road, down an embankment, and struck a tree. The entire impact was to the left side of her head. Holly was wearing her seatbelt, and the air bag deployed, but she still struck her head on the window frame of the car.
Against all odds, Holly pulled through the night, although the pressure from swelling in her brain continued to rise. The next morning the Neurosurgeon, Dr. Robert Hines, told me that he expected Holly would pass away over the next 72 hours. I can't remember much about those hours except just being there with Holly, talking to her, and encouraging her to live. Her brain pressure rose alarmingly high many times. I read her all the cards and notes her fellow students brought to the hospital. Since she was in PICU, only her immediate family could visit. Her Mamaw, Papaw, Aunt Sandy, Aunt Trina, David, her Dad, Uncle Jim and Uncle Rick and other family members all took turns to spend time with her.
Once again, Holly fought and battled through the next 72 hours. She endured many surgeries over the next two weeks; facial reconstruction, shunt placement to drain fluid from her ventricles, a gastric feeding tube placed in her stomach, and a dura repair to the lining of the brain because spinal fluid was leaking from her sinuses. She overcame one setback after another. I thank God that she was in a coma during all these procedures and did not suffer the intense pain she would have if she were conscious.
Holly stayed in a coma for over four months. So many times I prayed that she would just wake up. She gradually did, but we all soon realized we no longer had the Holly we were all used to. We now had a very special Holly to care for. My heart ached for her, as she was once a vivacious, energetic, athletic young lady and she could now not control most of her body functions, yet I was overjoyed that I still had her with me.
Holly started rehab as an in-patient while still in the hospital, and finally came home for the first time on September 6, 1996. It was a transition for us all, learning to care for her special needs, accomodating handicap equipment into our home, and organizing in-home care, therapies, and Doctor visits around our work schedules. We had to continue to work to provide for the entire family.
For the next 6 1/2 years Holly remained in physical, speech, and occupational therapies. She was hospitalized many more times, mostly to control seizures she had developed as a result of the brain trauma. Her Neurologist had finally found a mixture of anti-convulsants that seemed to be working, although with many ill side effects.
Holly started attending the Crumley House Head Injury Rehab program in 2001, and was making so much progress in her life. She had made a very special friend there, Alton Gernt. We finally let her have her own apartment there on October 1, 2002, something she had wanted so badly. I was reluctant to let her leave our daily care, but I am so glad I did....she was so happy! For some unknown reason Holly had very severe seizures on the night of October 12, 2002, while visiting with her Grandmother. Nothing out of the ordinary had happened in her day. She was hospitalized again, where this time she was not able to battle through it. She experienced multi-organ failure, DIC, and ultimately died from hypotensive shock, all brought about by the massive seizures. She never regained consciousness after the seizures, and slipped away to heaven quietly with her family by her side.
I will never understand why my precious daughter had to struggle and battle back from such an injury, only to be struck down again. I can only reason that God had some Higher purpose for her. She touched so many lives her short time here on earth and is a true inspiration for so many. When I feel like giving up, I just think of her. She never gave up in spirit, only her body gave in.
I am grateful for the twenty three years He gave her to us. I am honored and priviledged that God chose me to be her Mother. She taught me more about love and life than I could ever have taught her. She is my hero. I will love her until my last breath....and then be with her again.

A Tribute To Holly

Holly is greatly missed by so many.  She was such a bright, enthusiastic young lady.  She made friends so easily and always wanted to help those in need.
Holly's family, friends, and loved ones have two Holly's to remember, the Holly before the accident, and the one after the accident.  Traumatic brain Injury (TBI) affects your life and abilities in so many ways.  Simple things we take for granted such as tying your shoes are no longer an easy function after a brain injury.  Holly's closed head injury was very, very, severe, and left her without the ability to care for any of her needs for a very long time.
Holly never complained about her injury or limited abilities, but would oftentimes become frustrated because she so wanted to do the things she was used to doing. She had always excelled at just about everything she did ; as a student, a big sister, an athlete, a friend, and finally as a patient.  She was never expected to live, much less to make the progress she did in her rehab. She just tried to make the best of the situation life handed her.
The last six months of her recovery and rehab were the best for her.  She had regained many of her abilities and was just starting to enjoy many things in life that a young lady her age should.
Holly had worked hard to regain abilities over the course of six years, and touched so many lives in the process.  I often question why God allowed Holly to go through so much and to make such great progress, only to meet the expected outcome at the time of her accident.  The answer I come to each time is that God used Holly to touch and inspire so many people after her accident.  She was then given her true reward in heaven.
In the United States traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a leading cause of death for persons under the age of 45.  A TBI occurs every 15 seconds, and approximately 5 million Americans currently suffer from some form of TBI disability.  The leading cause of Traumatic Brain Injuries are motor vehicle accidents, falls, and sports injuries.
The Crumley House Brain Injury Rehab program plays a vital role in helping individuals with brain injuries regain abilities. It was very comforting to have an organization like The Crumley House when making decisions about Holly's care after her injury.
The Holly Proffitt Memorial Scholarship Program was started after Holly's death to help individuals who have suffered a TBI and need additional resources or funding.  The Scholarship was funded by contributions by Holly's family, friends, and loved ones in her memory.
Holly will live on forever in the hearts and memories of everyone she touched. The last words I told her before she went to heaven were  "You Are My Hero".

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Forever Missed  

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